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       Contact:  +82-2-583-0903  |  eunjung@influence7korea.com


INFLUENCE7™ International, founded in 2005, is a corporate training firm serving FORTUNE Global 500 and other large multinational companies. INFLUENCE7 provides training and coaching services in the areas of presentation, storytelling, cross-cultural diversity, team building and impact communication. 

INFLUENCE7’s purpose is to help our clients access their edge in communication, teamwork and cross culture.

Quick Facts about INFLUENCE7™

  •  Corporate training & coaching company 

  •  In Korea since 2005 

  •  55 of the FORTUNE Global 500 companies trained/coached 

  •  Over 150+ organizations in total 

  • Participants from 53 countries

  •  Our programs consistently score between 4.5 and 5.0  

  •  Programs delivered in English 

  •  Successfully trained and coached all levels: from CEOs to newcomers to everyone in between 

CONTACT:  +82-2-583-0903  |  eunjung@influence7korea.com

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